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The Dog Fan winter jacket Black USA

The Dog Fan winter jacket Black USA

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Super robust, Waterproof and machine washable! 

Our classic "Dog Face" jackets are back for winter 2021! 

All Jackets have adjustable toggles on arms and back, and fasten around the chest by velcro. 

Please check our size guide and measure before ordering to avoid having to return for a different size. 


S: Bust 25-35CM Back length: 26CM
M: Bust 34-40CM Back length: 30CM
L: Bust 40-46CM Back length: 35CM
XL: Bust 46-52CM Back length: 42CM
2XL: Bust 52-64CM Back length: 43CM
3XL: Bust 64-72CM Back length: 52CM
4XL: Bust 72-82CM Back length: 60CM
5XL: Bust 82-93CM Back length: 76CM

S: Bust 9.8-13.7in Back length: 10.2in
M: Bust 13.7-15.7in Back length: 11.8in
L: Bust 15.7-18.1in Back length: 13.7in
XL: Bust 18.1-20.4in Back length: 16.5in
2XL: Bust 20.4-25.1in Back length: 16.9in
3XL: Bust 25.1-28.3in Back length: 20.4in
4XL: Bust 28.3-32.2in Back length: 23.6in
5XL: Bust 32.2-36.6in Back length: 29.9in